Sausage and Bacon Help Needed


Mess Cook
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I've been enlisted to prepare 10 pounds of bacon and a hundred sausage patties for a brunch at my daughters house Saturday. Due to logistics, these must be prepared in advance at my home. To increase the problem, I will have house guests Friday, who must also be fed and entertained.

I'm not worried about the bacon. I will prepare that in the micro and it should be fine. (Should I be worried?) I'll transport and serve in those aluminum Sterno heated serving pans.

The sausage worries me. Can these be prepared in advance and still be acceptable the next day?

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Pizza Chef
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ten pounds of bacon would send me to oven methods. that's a lot of mw batches....

patty sausage is no problem for do ahead. I routinely cut up a pound, make patties, pan fry them about 75% done, cool and freeze. reheat slowly slowly slowly - too much heat too fast and they shrink bad. the reheat "finishes" them to temp.