Roasted Moondrop Grapes with Rosemary


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I posted in the Foods New to You thread about these wonderful grapes which are delicious as is.

But then I found a recipe that I had to try. FANTASTIC!

Once I roasted the grapes with rosemary, I tried them with ricotta on bread, as suggested. Too bland.

Then I tried them with goat cheese. Too tangy.

Then peanut butter. Better, but still "eh".

Then with a slice of cheddar cheese on a Ritz. BINGO! The right blend of sweet, salty, cheddar-y.

These would make a spectacular addition to a charcuterie board! The rosemary makes this, and almost has a buttery flavor!



Moondrops cooked.JPG

with ricotta. Nope.

Moondrops plate.JPG

With peanut butter. Nope.
Moondrops with peanut butter.JPG

with cheddar cheese. YES!!

Moondrops and cheese.JPG