Posting recipes in "What's for Dinner" threads


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The "What's for Dinner?" threads are perfect for quick pictures of dinners without recipes attached.

But I am concerned that some great recipes, techniques and photos of posts in the "What's for Dinner?" threads will be lost and not found again, since they cannot be searched by tag or title.

If it's not inconvenient, I am requesting members to post their wonderful recipes, techniques and photos in existing threads or new threads of their own (Andy, I moved your Chicken and Dumplings post to one of our FOUR Chicken and Dumpling threads, LOL!)

And if that's a pain to do, would it be okay with people if I moved the posts where they can be searched and found?

What do you think?



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Thanks Lee. Great idea.
And if it is okay with the poster we can copy and post the recipe post into a forum where it would be easier to locate.