Polish Macaroni


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I based this dish on some flavors and ingredients that my Polish aunts used a lot.

It's excellent comfort food, and we've often made it for friends and neighbors who don't feel well (but we omit the cabbage for sick people). It's addicting!

I needed a name for it, so I call it "Polish Macaroni".


Polish Macaroni

small head of cabbage, chopped
1 lb. elbow macaroni
14 oz. can diced tomatoes, drained
3T fresh dill (use dried dill, if you must)
1 stick butter
salt, pepper, garlic powder, Accent to taste

Boil the chopped cabbage for 10 minutes, then drain. Cook the elbows for 8-10 minutes, then drain.

Toss the cabbage and hot elbows with the butter. Add the diced tomatoes. Stir in the dill.

Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and Accent


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That looks/sounds delicious Lee! I LOVE cabbage, but my husband doesn't much care for it. Something like this might enable me to pump some into him - lol!


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when i was in San Francisco, my bro told me he had a surprise place for us to eat and he was driving...we ended up at a Polish Store/Meat Market..he had brought me there for pierogi's which were not all that good but the array of sausages they had was so good... this was one of them..

here is one i googled as well


Jeff, I had to Google and OMG - YES!!!

I've never heard of this sausage, but now I'm on a quest to either get some or make some!




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[COLOR= ]Golemo Market in Worcester, MA[/COLOR] is known for its hanging sausages, good variety and good food...now i want some..lol