Peep's All Purpose Seasoning Blend


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Peep's All Purpose Seasoning Blend

Granulated Garlic powder
Granulated Onion powder
Goya Adobo seasoning (I usually use equal amounts of the one with pepper and the one with lemon)
Ground peppercorns (I use a rainbow blend of peppercorns)
Hungarian Sweet Paprika
*Hungarian Hot Paprika
*Ground red pepper flakes
Salt - your choice - Optional
Accent (or MSG) - Optional
White vinegar powder or Apple cider vinegar powder (go easy, add a little at a time and taste till you get it to your liking) - Optional

*NOTE: These 3 ingredients determine the heat level, adjust (or omit) to your personal heat preference.

Add all to taste; shake/mix well.
Taste and adjust to your preference.
Store in a shaker bottle with a tight fitting lid.

Additional Optional Ingredients added to specific foods:

Smoked Paprika - Grilled/Roasted foods
Poultry Seasoning - Poultry/Pork
Old Bay or other like seasoning blends - Seafood/Fish
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🌹 🍉 Still trying to get it right.
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Looks great, Peep - thank you!


You're welcome Lee.

I used to use individual bottles of spices. That got tedious and took to long to season things. So I just mixed it all together. Took some time to get the perfect spices. I don't measure the spices, just taste till it's to my liking so it comes out different every time. Some day I may measure. LOL Seasoning food goes a lot quicker and I know how the seasoning will taste before hand. I still use individual spices for some things but not to often.


🌹 🍉 Still trying to get it right.
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I now also season steaks with Oak wood smoked peppercorn and mesquite smoked sea salt grinders.