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All went well this morning, and the surgeon removed the inflamed parotid gland on my left side without any problems. We got to the VA Hospital at 5 a.m., and was released at 1 p.m.. Once we got back home I napped for quite awhile this afternoon, and we had some of my chicken noodle soup with crackers for dinner. No lifting, pushing or pulling for at least a week, and tomorrow I need to schedule a follow-up for 10-14 days out. I'll be laying low for awhile and have lots of time for playing ham radio and cooking for "She who must be obeyed.".

Good hospital experience for the most part, with good, caring doctors & nurses. My hat is off to the great surg/med staff at the Wade Park VA Hospital in Cleveland. Now... the lazy, arrogant, magazine reading employee taking up space at the sign-in counter on the surgical floor is another thing. What a waste of human flesh, and a stain on an otherwise hard working, caring and kind department.
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Damn, Joe, that looks exceedingly painful!

Hoping you will follow doctor's orders and TAKE IT EASY while you recuperate! And have fun playing with your ham radio!



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I had to go look that up. That's a big ol' gland. I'm glad you're on the mend. That scar should be gone in no time, and you'll be a purty boy again :biggrin: . They cut my husband's throat about 6" to do back surgery. After a while you couldn't even really tell the scar was ever there.


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Yeah, Cooksie, they said that the suture pattern used by my surgeon is the same a plastic surgeon would use, and should be almost invisible when fully healed. She did a nice job.

No eye patch, CM. LOL

QSis, after 24 hours I'm just taking 600mg over the counter Ibuprofen, and it's more for the inflammation, as the pain is negligible. The sutures are already itching, and I can't touch them because the scar is open and covered in bacatrin ointment to minimize scaring. It needs to be cleansed and recoated twice a day.


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[FONT=&quot]I have had my Submandibular gland removed and it wasn't fun. Ended up getting an infection in my bloodstream which landed me in the hospital for 10 days. Had it removed because of a 10 mm calcium stone. I have had problems with it before[FONT=&quot] I had it removed. I wish you a speedy recovery [FONT=&quot]Joe[/FONT][/FONT]

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After a while you will be fine IF you listen to the docs. When I had my last surgery the doc said if I followed his instructions I would have no problems and he was right. It is hard to sit around but the alternative is a lot worse. Best of luck healing up Joe.