Outdoor cooking contest winners.


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I am sorry for being late to the party and it has been bothering me a lot. I have finally gotten around to doing the book work for the two cookoffs.

For those of you who are not familiar with how we do this, here is a brief explanation.

For each of the cookoffs, there were four, I listed the member names in the order they were posted. Multiple posts by the same member were listed multiple times. I then numberes them in 1 to ... order. From there, I used the services of http://www.random.org. They will generate a random number in any range that you desire. Here are the results.

Contest #1 Main Dishes

1 - Paymaster
2 - Qsis - Winner - $25.00
3 - Mama

Contest #1 Side Dishes

1 - Qsis
2 - Qsis
3 - Paymaster - Winner - $15.00

Contest #2 - Main Dishes
1 - Squirrel
2 - Squirrel
3 - Qsis
4 - Qsis
5 - Qsis - Winner - $25.00
6 - Qsis

Contest #2 - Side Dishes
1 - Qsis
2 - Qsis - 2 $15.00
3 - Qsis

For the winners, please PM me with your choice for the prize.

1 - If you would like PayPal - please PM me with the e-Mail addy to send it to.
2 - If you prefer a check, please send me the addy to mail it to.
3 - If you want a gift certificate, please send me the addy to mail that to.

I am very sorry to be so late. It has been a whirlwind summer and it has gone by so fast. Lots of work things kept jumping up and standing in the way of things that I enjoy.

Final disclaimer. I have been known to make errors. If I have overlooked an entry, if you have questions or comments or have an opinion that you wish to state please PM me.

Thank all of you that participated or commented.



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Oh, wow!

Andy, I think we mods hoped for a lot more participation in the outdoor cooking contests than we got.

I am a semi-pro at this, and so I will disqualify myself.

Thanks for organizing this and trying light a fire under outdoor cooking!