Old-fashioned Coffee Candy


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This seems to be old, traditional American recipe (as cook book is American origin). Is this familiar to anyone in here?


Boil together over moderate heat, without stirring, one-half cup strong coffee, two tablespoons butter, and two cups sugar. Boil to soft ball stage (238 degrees F/114 C). Remove the pan from stove. Beat rapidly until it creams. Stir in a cup of chopped walnuts, press firmly into a buttered pan and cut into squares. (I used a 6 1/2-inch square pan.)

* nice coffee flavor and a texture similar to pralines

* a slight tendency to crumble when you cut them

* from: Lycoming Valley Cook Book (1907)



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Oooooooo! That looks and sounds spectacular, Saliha!

I'm not an experienced candy-maker, but this is one I might try. I love coffee-flavor anything!



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I too love coffee flavor things as also coffee... like most of us in my country:

Did you know that the country where people consume coffee the most per capita is... Finland (12 kg/year/person). And I am from there. Sad that coffee beans don´t grow here (too north, too cold).

(<- That´s me.)