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I know some of you are into the high $ knives, but this "o" Kansas boy really likes these.

The one on the left is a Remington that I carry most of the time. 9 1/2" overall with a 4 1/2" blade. I seldom go far from the house with out it. We have BIG cats here (yes we really do) and I always "carry" one of my 357's and this knife when I venture to the remote garden or the pasture.

The others are "kershaw" brand field knives. I have gutted and skinned one elk and several deer with these. Not real special knives but were given to me several years ago by a friend. I absolutely cherish this set.

For what I do most of the time I have no need for big $ knives. I understand their value as collectors or chef prep knives but I'm not a chef and never ever plan to be. For you guys that are, and knife experts, I tip my hat. You are special. I'm not.... I'm just a guy with my "treasures".

I do value your posts and look forward to them.


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I know some of you are into the high $ knives...

Well, don't tell anyone:hide: but I have a few knives in my collection you'd probably throw away.

As Locutus can testify, I have a whole passel of Shrade Chinese Old Timers one supplier sent me if I bought them by the pound. I use them for clients who are learning to sharpen, or like Locutus, enjoy wilderness camping where damage to property can be expected.

A knife is a tool. If it serves you, you owe no explanations. In fact, most of the times I "showcase" a knife. I don't own it as a personal knife for my own home use.