My Corn Knife


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I don't have any idea if this is a "good" knife of a cheap something or other. It is however my favorite corn choping knife that I use to clean corn with by choping the ends off before I shuck it.

The overall length is 17", and the blade is 12". The weight and length of the blade work well for me. I've cleaned about 275-300 ears of corn this season.

Stamped into the handle is; ARNHOLZ 32912 DEXTER, for what that's worth.

May not be a keeper, but I love it for what I use it for.


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And I don't doubt it. I see the Dexter brand all of the time.

Most often now I see sous-chefs use these to block large sections of beef delivered to restaurants that slice their own portions. They use Dexters, or a similar shaped blade, to produce a manageable size piece. Then they remove the silver and slice away damaged areas and/or larger areas of fat or tallow.

Some of these knives date back many decades, and they're still working!