I thought I was done...but no!


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Just when I though we were getting caught up with the garden and food preparation, I have to go out and trade some canning jars for two big boxes of pears. :w00t:

From what we dehydrated and canned yesterday, 28 lbs., I would guess the two boxes together weighed about 80 lbs. We canned 7 qts and put about 30 pears in the dehydrators. I dropped one of the jars taking it out of the pressure cooker, after all that work, so ended up with just six.
We should get about 6 qt size bags when they come out of the dehydrators today. I did learn something, I found out pears are not my favorite thing to prepare for canning or dehydrating! They are a lot of work. That still leaves about 45 - 50 lbs to do something with, like maybe, giving them away.

The chickens and donkeys loved the peelings........


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