geographic biscuits


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I asked recently for some help for a snack for a geography lesson. The current topic is rivers. Here is what DW & Nicholas made earlier.
Some rivers in a bank and a few fish to swim in them.


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I don't know if you get Top Chef's over the pond Ray. If not they had a quick fire where the Chef's picked a knife with an isle in the food store. Now they could only buy what was on that isle and make a dish out of it. Well the eventual winner that season drew the cerial isle. Your river looks about like the breakfast he made out of the different cereals. He made a mosaic out of the different collars of a farm house with sky and river. His river looked like your biscuits did, great idea really.


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Hahahahahahaha. When I saw the thread title I thought it was gonna be like the roving apron. Everybody take one bite and pass the biscuit to the next guy. :yum: