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:whistling: They say our language is harder than japanese. Don't know about that.

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What! Why not? What do I need to do to fix it. All I do is clip and past. The funny thing is I see them all. No one see's them.?

I can't see them either. Try using the "insert picture icon," the icon that looks like a mountain.


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Hi Rustpot - I took a look at your post. The link(s) that you have there point to your Yahoo Mail account. I tried looking directly at the link in a browser and I got an access denied.

No one, but you, can see them, because, they do not havve access to your email account.

If you ar using Windows 7 or 8 you can use the snipping tool to capture the images, save them to a file and post the image from there. In XP, you could use print screen and mspaint, if you are on a mac, you can use grab.

Hope this helps.