Franken pantry Jan 14, 2012


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Looks very appetizing Mama!
I love the sharp flavor of Parmesan cheese!

Have you ever cooked some egg noodles and off in a fry pan brown some butter.
Toss your egg noodles around in the pan with the butter (heat off).
The place in your serving dish, splash some soy sauce over (not too much or you'll ruin it) and then grate some Parmesan over top and serve hot.
Let me tell you....quick simple and bursting with flavor.


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Thanks LG!

I have cooked egg noodles that way minus the soy sauce and I love them. I add a little parsley to mine. I'll have to try the soy sauce next time.


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For lunch today, I made my Franken Pantry entry! I browned a b/s chicken breast that I seasoned with McCormick Original Chicken Seasoning in a little Olive Oil. Removed from the pan and set aside. I sauteed some onions in a little more olive oil, added some cooked pasta, Kraft Catalina and Bacon Salad Dressing, a little cream, some chicken broth and garlic powder. Mixed and cooked a few minutes and then cut the chicken into strips and added that along with some diced tomatoes and cooked spinach that I had leftover from the other night. I topped it off with some Parmesan Cheese that I used as my wildcard. Wasn't too bad.
OH MAMA!! Were the bowties red or did they turn red from the dressing? It looks so good.


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That Kraft Catalina and Bacon salad dressing on pasta sounds incredibly good to me!

Was it as good as it sounds, Mama?



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Thanks RM and Lee!

It was good Lee. It's a pretty sweet dressing bu the cream and chicken broth took away just enough of the sweetness to make it good.