Food Heaven...


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is when you also get Entertained....going to the movies or concert followed by a great meal or snack...or even staying at home throwing on a DVD and snacking out....which leads me onto Doc's new venture that i hope you will all pop in and support.

I give to you NET "Net Entertainment Talk"... a place to chat about anything Entertaining....Movies ,Music,Sports,Gaming,PC,books you name it it will be there.

Membership is free but your input is Priceless.

Please take a look and show your support by becoming a member and sharing your ideas.

Please note the NET is in it's early stages and your input will shape It's Future.

Thanks...i promise fun...



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Thanks for the plug Galv. :thumb:
Galv and I have worked together shaping Net Entertainment Talk. Thanks to help from Smoke King, Sass, Lefty, and others from here we had Net Music Talk off and rolling. Now I have morphed it into Net Entertainment Talk where we talk about anything having to do with entertainment. Movies, TV, Music, Gaming, Sports, Books etc... it's all there.
Check it out.


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It says "server can't be found" for me. I'll give it a while and try again. Thanks.