First Contest of the season: Outdoor Cookoff


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First Contest of the season BBQ Cookoff

Come on everyone. The weather is here. It's time to cook outdoors!

To help everyone get started, NCT is sponsoring an outdoor cooking contest. Like many of our contests, we will not be competing against each other. A prize will be awarded, in fact, two of them. There are two categories.

The first is for a main dish prepared outdoors. This includes, but is not limited to, charcoal / gas grill, outdoor dutch oven, campfire and a smoker. If you have any other method of preparing food outdoors and would like to showcase it, please do.

The second category is for a complimentary side dish. We understand that it may not be possible to prepare this entirely outdoors. It should have an outdoor theme and be prepared outdoors if at all possible.

Here are the rules:

1) The entry must be prepared during the contest period.
2) The recipe and method must be posted.
3) Pictures are not required, they are highly desirable. Folks just like to see food pix. We know not all of you take pix and we do not want anyone not to enter because of a picture.
4) The winner of each category will be decided by a random drawing. Here is how it works.​
1. You can make as many entries for each category as you like.
2. Each entry gives you one chance in the drawing.
3. The moderator staff will keep a running list of the user name of each entry as many times as someone enters, their name will go on the list in the order of the posted entries.
4. At the close of the contest each entry will get a randomly generated entry number. Then a random drawing will decide the winner.
5. We will post the winner.
6. The same person cannot win both categories.
7. Any site member is eligible. This includes moderators, and the administrator.​

The prize …. Oh yeah! I forgot about that. Here goes. The winner of the main dish gets their choice of $25.00 paypal cash or a gift certificate from Penzies for an equal amount. The winner of the side dish gets the same options on a $15.00 prize.

So, there you have it. The contest starts now and ends. June 11, 2012.


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Re: Fitst of the season outdoor cookoff

Thanks Andy! Andy is spearheading this effort and we are behind him 100%.

I have a way to totally randomize the winner so that the person picking the number, drawing the winner out of a hat so to speak, will not know who the winner is until the number drawn is matched up to a name. All will become clear as we get closer to the end of this effort.

Also, as the contest goes on, anyone who renews their site supporter status or who signs up as a new site supporter 1/4 of your donation will be added to the pot for the prize. So a $50 donation will add a total of $12.50 = $6.25 to both prize pots. This could result in a huge prize pot for someone. This should be fun I hope everyone will have multiple entries.


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Thanks Andy.

I have to enter this one, the closing date is my bday :):)

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Re: Fitst of the season outdoor cookoff

Thank you Bam,
As I have always said, NCT has some really gteat cooks. I am looking forward to seeing some really grest food.


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OK I am blind!! Where is the start and end dates of thge contest?


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I see that Paymaster has made the first entry in the main dish category. I moved it to a thread for the main dish category. Please post main dish entries there.

Thank you



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:bump: If all goes as planned, I'm going to dust off Ol' Blackie and do some grillin' this weekend. :bbq3: