egg sizes


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for the USDA, eggs are in various sizes which is actually done by weight:

            USDA                                     EU Sizes     grams per egg
           oz/doz   oz per egg     grams per egg
peewee       15     1.25         35.4
small        18     1.50         42.5                small        <53
med          21     1.75         49.6                medium       53-63
large        24     2.00         56.7
extra large  27     2.25         63.8                large        >63-73
jumbo        30     2.50         70.9                very large   >73
this came to notice the other day.
picked up a dozen free range brown eggs from the local stand....
the size varied rather a lot in the carton, per USDA weights I got:
..............(weight in grams)
four mediums..( 51 / 52 /52 / 54 )
four large....( 59 / 62 /58 / 57 )
two jumbo.....( 71 / 77 )

I used two before I had the chance to weigh them - one was likely a jumbo...

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Just moved our five laying hens out of the barn to the chicken tractor she bought at auction. Will see what that does for egg size. Our best ones were killed by bobcat or coon. I live trapped 2 coons and gave them a ride a few miles away. They were coming in the barn and pigging out on chicken feed. I would rate most of ours as large. The ones that died laid jumbos a lot. You could not close the extra large cartons on them.