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Probably past the season, but this is real egg-nog

Egg Nog

1. 3 Eggs
2. ½ Cup Sugar
3. ¼ Cup Cognac
4. ½ Cup Light Rum
5. ½ Cup Countreiou Orange Liquor
6. ¾ Cup Milk
7. 1 ½ Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
Separate Eggs, save the whites in a container in the refrigerator, put yolks in large bowl, and beat till smooth. Gradually add sugar then Cognac, then Rum, then Orange Liquor. Chill in refrigerator for at least one hour, stirring occasionally.
After at least one hour, add milk, fold in whipped cream, then stiffly beaten egg whites.
Pour into glasses and top with Nutmeg.


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Posting it here will make it easy for you to find when the time comes around next year. :D I know I'll plan to use this forum that way. We'll have to try that egg nog recipe next year. :thumb:

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ahhhhhhhhhh yes. egg nog. this year ill be making my own, instead of buying it @ the gas station. ill share my recipe(s) and how well it turned out. and of course, the liquors involved. :chef::ohmy::shifty::ninja:
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The funny thing is I love egg nog though it doesn't care much for me. The best I have ever had came from an out fit called Farm Stores. Now though I love a good drink be it beer or hard stuff my Egg Nog I love straight and cold. :tongue:


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Joe, I agree. I like the taste of egg nog. Doesn't matter if it's boozed up or plain. I just like the taste.


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I don't like mine with booze as it ruins the taste for me but love the stuff. It is kind of like donuts and birthday cakes to me. Being a bit lactose intolerant so it doesn't like me but I drink at least a quart or two yearly..


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That recipe is different than any I have tried before, did anyone here end up making it over the holidays??
The best I have had so far was from Alton Brown, I can post a link to the recipe if anyone is interested, just have to find it again, LOL.
The second best comes from Oberwiese and is pretty darn good stuff, LOL. But, you have to add your own alcohol to it.


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Alton Brown's is excellent and I made it this year minus the bourbon.


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Eggnog, Best in the Universe

This is so rich and foamy! I waited a year to get this recipe, after I swooned over it at a friend's party.

I didn't have a punch set, so I served this in a borrowed trifle bowl, with an eclectic array of various glasses: martinis, wines, desserts, ballentine beer glasses, liqueur glasses, etc. People could take as little or as much as they wanted, as they chose their own glasses.

I've made it for several years now.


BEITU (Best Eggnog in the Universe)

1 dozen eggs, separated
½ teaspoon salt
2 ½ cups sugar
2 (or more) cups bourbon
½ cup rum
1 quart milk
2 tablespoons vanilla
3 pints cream

Beat egg yolks with salt. Add ½ cup sugar and beat until thick. Mix in bourbon, rum, quart of milk, and vanilla. Beat egg whites till foamy. Add remaining sugar to egg whites and beat till stiff. Whip cream until stiff. Fold egg whites and whipped cream into booze/milk mixture.

Chill well before serving.
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I think it is time for a judged contest on Egg Nog.
Send me all your eggnogs and I'll let you know when mine wins.....