Eastern Chickpea Salad


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This is my own recipe but I don't measure so it is very hard to post. I serve them instead of potatoes and rice. It is easy and keeps well.

1 or 2 cans of chickpeas depending on how much you want to make.

chopped red onion or green onions

fresh minced garlic- your choice- it can really take over the dish

finely chopped or grated cucumber

finely chopped sweet bell pepper-I prefer red

your own amount of curry seasoning (curry seasoning of your choice)

olive oil

small amount of lemon juice


feta cheese is very good with this but other cheeses don't work

I find salt is not needed since the canned beans have them.

Just mix them all together and chill.
I make something very similar to this. In fact, particularly during the summer I try to always have a container of it in the fridge - makes for a very refreshing warm-weather lunch or snack.

The only differences in my version are that in addition to chickpeas, I mix together several different kinds of drained & rinsed canned beans - dark & light red kidney beans, black beans, cannellini (aka white kidney) beans, etc., etc. - the more the merrier. I also don't add curry powder, & add a little red-wine vinegar instead of lemon juice. Oh - & ALWAYS feta!
It would probably be fine, but I prefer feta for it's saltiness - particularly if you're able to get good barrel-aged feta like they sell loose in brine in some deli departments.