Dirt cheap wine


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I have a Friend that owns a large liquor store in Chicago. He brings me really good booze, really cheap. And often brings me free samples given by sales people that we sample together, and then he leaves the bottle. Needles to say, I have a very well stocked liquor cabinet.

I like decent wine, like LeCrema Pinot Noir is a favorite. I'm no wine connoisseur, but I know better than average wine when I have it.

He just picked up a bunch of closeout 3 liter boxed wine. Can't tell you what I paid, but he's charging 8 bucks a box and making an obscene profit on each. It is great wine. No more 15 dollar bottles of wine for me for a while. I have enough of this boxed stuff for along time. I always though boxed stuff was junk, but this is pretty good. It is Domenica 2004 Syrah Nero D'Avola.

Not a bad buy at all.

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Oh wow!!!! Sounds great!!!!! Whats the place called? As you know I live in the Chicago area and wouldnt mind checking the place out. :bounce:


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Good info Fred. I can't tell by the names .... are you talking white or red wine.
I find I like cheaper wines over more expensive ...Rinunite is okay by me. :hide:

I might try the box wine. :thumb:


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It is a red. It is a blend of something. Tastes sort of like a Cabernet. It is clean right out of the box. No need to aerate. We've had the box "tapped" for two weeks now, and it is still good. I am warming up big time to this boxed wine deal.


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Sush, let me know what you think about it if you do buy a box.
Doc, I don't know that you'll find any at that price. I think my buddy bought it all for his store.