Did anyone notice the attack tonight?


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Around 9:46 this evening our server was hit with a massive DDos (Denial of Service) attack. A coordinated effort by someone controlling a lot of bots.
It could have been in frustration due our diligence in keeping most spammers off the site. Or it could have been completely random by someone picking IP addresses and trying to bring them down. Last time this happened I was with a different ISP and we were down for over 12 hours. The current ISP is fantastic. So happy with them.
Here is the email that informed me of the attack, otherwise I would not have known.
Was anyone impacted by this attack. We were down for a minute or two I'll guess.


This notice is for informational purposes only and no action is required on your part. Responses to this email will not be received.

Your server was just hit with a massive incoming DDoS. Your site may be unavailable for a moment or two while our DDoS protection system kicks into action to filter the attack and then you'll be back in business!

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I didn't notice it Doc, but I sure do remember the time we were down for a long time!
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I didn't see it either. Kudos to the filter!