Cherry Coke drink


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This was posted in another forum, and has no copyright so I am free to post it here, LOL.

Take one 12oz glass and fill with ice. Add one shot of Bacardi Dark Cherry Rub, then fill with coke.

Pretty simple, adjust to taste! Myself I only fill the glass half full of ice and add a tall shot of the rum.


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Sounds good. I'll have to give that one a try. :thumb: Thanks!!!!!!!!


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That really sounds great!

Anyone remember getting a fountain drink at the drug store? If you asked for a cherry coke they would put a squirt of cherry syrup in it.


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Hey Mav. did you try that with the Cruzan black cherry rum? It was good, albeit a little too sweet for my tastes. I ended up cutting it about 50% with straight white Rum.

How does the Bacardi compare? Also, I noticed the Cruzan was a bit lacking in the "proof" department !!


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I haven't tried it with the Cruzan, but the Bacardi is not too sweet as to overwhelm it, IMHO. Worth giving it a shot.. or two or three.. LOL.