Cashew Cheese and Pumpkin Chips


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As I was out and about today, picking up various items in various stores, I impulse-bought 2 things I'd never heard of.

Whole Foods had a guy putting out samples of Cashew Cheese. I loved the Original, so I bought some. It has the consistency similar to humus, and the flavor of sour cream. Delicious!

And then, as I was standing in line at the Asian supermarket, I spied a bag of Pumpkin Chips. I love pretty much anything pumpkin, so I bought a bag.

The chips have a nice, pumpkin flavor, and are crispy and crunchy. But I could have done without the sugar on them.

That said, the slightly sweet chips with the slightly tangy cashew cheese, is a great combo! I'm going to put them out for my next Friday Night Cocktail Hour with the neighbors.



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