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I posted this on FF but thought i would also share here....

Ok myself and Mrs Galv have spent the last week having a tidy up in the garden and also preparing for growing Veggies at the back.....the archway and Trellis are new built with my own hands and it's purpose is for growing peas and runner beans up....Cucumbers will grow up the fence like last year.

The back still needs staining all in brown(fencing ect) and the little 2 seater deck needs a repaint too...o and the green sack on the Deck is growing potatoes should be a crop of around 50-60 kilo in about 4 weeks.

Green house is pretty much sorted and ready for more seedlings and also im growing the Tomatoes in there this year(done it before and got a great crop).

Got some Radish,leeks,Broccoli,cabbage,onions,spring onions and Beetroot on the go at the moment just need to finish having a weed and treating the soil then it's off to the garden center to see what else could be added too...only a small plot but one it,s relaxing and 2 it does my small family fine for some fresh Veggies.

And not to forget the lawn needs a little love and care from the dog pee...but getting there.


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A few more...


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Thanks Guys and Girls....and the little sitting area is ace come evening kids in bed a few drinks for me and Mrs galv with the Lanterns lit....we love it.

Damn i best invite you all round for a BBQ now:yum::yum::yum:


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Beautiful. You did a great job. I'm in envy of your sunlight. I live mostly in the shade, which is a special challenge for those of us who like to grow things. such as vegetables and flowering plants.


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Great utilization of space. I had traveled frequently to the UK in the early 90's from London up to the Midlands around Milton Keynes, and was always impressed with how the Brits made the most of the small (relative to US) garden spaces and yards afforded to them. Pots, bags, baskets and trellises really do take maximum advantage of the space. Here in the States we refer to that as "Square Foot Gardening," making the most of every square foot.


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Really nice job working your vegetable garden into your landscape!


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Your yard is just beautiful, Galvatron! I can picture sitting out there under your umbrella, enjoying the night sounds and drinking a cold brew. Thanks for sharing it with us.