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I went to visit my Dad and my wonderful stepmother, Gerry, this past weekend.

Since I need to get rid of some stuff from my freezer, we agreed that we'd have a sausage-tasting. I brought some Italian sausage links (provolone and port wine flavored), a fat link of Swedish Christmas sausage (Korv) that is made locally, and some patties of homemade jalapeno sausage.

Originally, we'd planned to grill the sausages outside, but it was pouring rain, so Gerry suggested that we bake them in the oven, on "trays" made of aluminum foil, the way she usually cooks her sausages.

I was skeptical, but when I saw and tasted the results, I became a believer! They were browned, juicy, and no pans to clean!

We served the sausages with potato salad, tossed salad and plenty of condiments! A fun meal!



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