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Did you ever see the wine bottles that are selling at a big discount? And then you had visions in your head of munching on a cracker with fantastic cheese? And then sipping on a nice glass of wine? So then you buy the wine!
You get it home, pour a glass and realize WHY it was on discount. :(


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No. we get all our wine locally. We live in the heart of the Gold Country, about 20 minutes from the Gold Rush discovery site of Coloma.

Within 30 minutes drive are at least 25 wonderful local wineries. Within an hours, there are over 65. Most are smaller wineries. At a lot of the wineries here, the person serving at the tasting bar, may be the owner/vintner.

1-1/2 hours from here is Napa/Sonoma. Great wines, but most are bigger places. And, it is expensive, traffic is crazy. Pretty area though.

We have a local bumper stick up here:
NAPA is for car parts, El Dorado is for wine

Remember when you cook; if you don't want to drink the wine, you probably don't want to cook with it either...


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Oh are YOU lucky!!! :ohmy: That would be fantastic. Are the prices better?:shock:

Usually better at the winery. We are in a couple wine clubs at our favorite wineries, which gets us a discount. Also, a couple wineries do fun stuff like bottle your own.

We're lucky to have one winery that also has a brew house. And, there are a couple good brewpubs locally too.

I have mention her and on FF that I brew; I have not tried making wine though.