Bacon Vodka


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I like bacon and I LOVE vodka, however, I am a little disturbed at the notion of mixing them... hmmmm :confused:


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I saw this made on Diners Drive-in and dives.......Guy actually liked it, he was surprised!.......But I think I'll still pass!


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Fantastic. Did you catch this response at the referenced site?

Interesting - I’ve been working with bacon and alcohol for some time now, but have settled on bourbon as the ideal base. A nice maple-smoked, peppered bacon will do glorious things to a smoky, aged bourbon. Prep is much the same as for the vodka, although I’ve found two weeks is usually enough for the infusion.

Shake it with ice, strain into a martini glass rimmed with hickory salt,add a dash of orange bitters, garnish with an orange peel and pearl onion, and, voila! - The Bacontini!