Alcohol Substitutions

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Here are two more that many might find interesting.

Alcohol substitutions:
2 T amaretto: 1/4 t to 1/2 t almond extract*
2 T bourbon/sherry: 1-2 t vanilla extract*
2 T brandy/rum: 1/2-1 t brandy or rum extract*
2 T Grand Marnier: 2 T unsweetened orange juice concentrate or 2 T orange juice + 1/2 t orange extract
2 T Kalua/chocolate liquor: 1/2 -1 t chocolate extract + 1/2-1 t instant coffee in 2 T water
1/4 cup or more brandy, port, rum, sweet sherry or fruit flavored liqueur: equal measure orange juice or apple juice + 1 t flavored extract or vanilla extract
1/4 cup or more red wine: equal measure of red grape juice or cranberry juice
1/4 cup or more white wine: equal measure of white grape juice or apple juice

* Water, milk, white grape juice or apple juice may be added to get the specified amount of liquid for recipes in which liquid amount is crucial.


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