Ah, a forum for freaks like me..


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Just don't tell Tony Burdain that you are vegetarian. And you'lll be ok.

As far as freaks go I suppose I'd be also a freak, I keep kosher.


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You're not a freak...just little weird.:yum: I'm an omnivore, but often enjoy a vegetarian meal. Thanks for not preaching to us, and we'll reciprocate in kind.


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Vegetarians are not freaks - I've had some good friends who are vegetarian. I also enjoy an occasional vegetarian meal and I try to include vegetarian dishes whe I am teching my cooking classes.


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I am just not going to repeat what Tony said about vegetarians.:wink:

Don't we have just a plain Smile smily?


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I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm not one of those guys who thinks a meal must have a giant slab 'o meat as its centerpiece. I have some freaky good vegetarian recipes, some vegan but mostly lacto-ovo. Wadda ya like?


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If the food is good, and fills me up then it doesn't really matter what's in it (or not in it)...


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Yep Larry you are hooked up with your own forum!

Not a Vegetarian but only started really cooking meat fairly recently as I have lived with Vegetarians and leaned to cook with many vegetarian friends so whenever I was entertaining it was just easier to go veggie. My first cookbook was a Moosewood and I still use it.
I shared an apartment with a Vegetarian for a long time and she was an amazing cook and alot of what I know about food comes from her.
I still cook alot of Vegetarian dishes

Could never do Vegan though.... love the cheese too much.


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I tried to be a vegetarian but I have some health issues that made it too difficult. I do love vegetarian meals though. I also have the Moosewood and Enchanted Broccoli Forest books and Edward Espy Brown's books and even Green on Greens.


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i am not a vegetarian but Mrs.Bam prefers to eat more vegetables than meat so i have alot of meatless recipes...

time to post some for you