A new brunch panini at Red Gravy!


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Seems like caramel with sea salt is the new aioli of kitchens! It's everywhere, and rightfully so! The combination of the sultry and deep caramel blended with the ascerbic sea salt is like crack to many palates, mine included.

I have been experimenting with a sea salt and caramel butter. Presently, I'm blending 2C room temperature butter with italian caramel syrup,about 1/3 c and a scant tablespoon of sea salt. Whip together till light and fluffy. From this point, it's got a shelf life the same as regular butter. Keep it refrigerated.

Now, how to introduce it with just the right amount of intrigue as to not make it too scary to order??

Simple, add bacon:brows:

So tomorrow, I'm making a panini on ciabatta of spiced (ginger and cinnamon) and grilled gala apples, cheddar cheese and bacon. Both inside portions of bread will be spread with the sea salt and caramel butter. One slice of cheddar, three slices of bacon (remind me to tell you about baking the bacon in brown sugar and vanilla), about 8 slices of the apples, another slice of cheddar between the two layers of bread. Panini press till golden and fragrant.

Sprinkle 10X on the hot sandwich. Serve with warm pecans.


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OMG that sounds amazing. I love sea salt and caramel. You are 100% correct that it is like crack to some of us. I can't wait to see what your panini looks like. Oh how I want to be your taste tester! :clap::clap::clap:


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Oh, the humanity!!!!!

Sounds brilliant, Vera! But, could I order mine with the grilled apples on the side?

Please post a photo if you get the chance. I miss your wonderful home photos, BTW, but I guess you don't have much time to decorate, cook and dine at home these days, huh?

Good to hear from you!



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I keep a camera in the kitchen but don't always have the time to snap the shot. I usually take 4 or 5 pix, wanting to get the lighting right, and hate the idea that I'm holding up service to do it. I'll get a shot and then try to remember to post it.