Yeast score!


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We scored a 2 pound bag of Red Star active dry yeast (NOT instant yeast), exp date 7/21 at the restaurant supply place today. There's no way we'll use this up even in 15 months since I normally buy a 4 oz jar every 3-6 months depending on how much I bake. So, for current NCT members only, I'll weigh out 2 ounces (each of a 3-pack has 0.25 oz in it), place in a plastic bag and mail it in a regular envelope, first class postage, for $2.00 payable via Zelle preferably or PayPal (I have to pay fees as it was a commercial account when set up years ago).

You keep in refrigerator for best preservation and 2-1/4 tsp equals 1 packet. Again, expiration date is 7/21.


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LOL, that's a lotta yeast! Congrats on your score!

Nice offer, Karen!

A neighbor gave me a small jar of instant yeast, so I'm good.



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My DD found 5 SAF (3 pack) envelopes and 5 lb. Gold medal flour.

But thank you for the offer Karen.