World Spice Market

Johnny West

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We order from World Spice Market and they mail the spices out.
When the Spanish Table was a few doors down from World Spice
we used to shop in person. The Spanish Table in Seattle closed it’s
doors so we rarely go here. It is just down the hill from Pikes Place
Market but due to the political climate we quit going.

I’m so used to using Louisiana Hot Sauce I forgot to put this on last
night’s enchiladas.


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Because they are crazy expensive here and they open their yap about politics. I’ve been looking for an alternative for a while now. Or, just make my own rubs/seasonings.
I get most of my spices from My Spice Sage for a while now. Love them. Free shipping and free 1 oz. samples.

I also buy some powdered products from Amazon.

I make all my own rubs and spice blends.


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We've gotten spices from they have a warehouse and several shops local to us. A bit $$, but the things we've gotten have been top quality.


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I did notice that Penzey's had made some political statements in their emails. Even if I agree, it is annoying and inappropriate!


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I guess I'm not too picky (or exotic) when it comes to spices.
McCormick's and Spice Islands are good enough for me.