Who makes food Xmas gifts?


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I am working on making a few things to give as gifts this year. I have jars sterilizing in the dishwasher.

The variety this year is :
Caramel hot fudge sauce (Sanders copycat for those in the know)
Bourbon ginger apple butter
Cognac cranberry jam
Pickled red onions.

Each recipient will receive an 7 oz jar of each one, all tied up and pretty. I don’t buy any other gifts. Other than Judy, there’s no one to buy for. I like doing this because I feel like I’m giving something special from my heart.

Pics are just prep. Finished stuff will follow.


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Amazing, as usual, Kathy! Lucky recipients!

I don't make things to give as gifts, but when I make cookies or rum cake or Chex Mix, I share with my neighbors and friends.

Speaking of which, I'd better get started. I toyed with the idea of another huge batch of Chex Mix, but I end up eating way too much of that myself. I admit, I'm addicted to it.



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Holy cow! That should be your photo Christmas card!



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Your jars are beautiful. SS is that snowflake cellophane squares you have on the top of the jars? If so, where is it available? I have a giant roll of red cellophane that I use to wrap my cookie trays. It is a PITA to use.

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We took bakery goods to family and friends Saturday and all were pleased. I’m making a plate for my postman and also the neighbor lady and her husband that mostly live in their car and little trailer - hoarders.