What's your favorite place to get a Sub?


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I like Jersey Mike's subs!! They are very tasty & good! There's usually one in just about every city & town. I like the #9 club sub!! I most often get the mini sub!!9-club-supreme-reg. Jersey Mike's..png


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I love Jersey Mike's. Closest one to me is 90 miles away. Yeah, I'm in the sticks.
We have a local place call Rubin's. They make great subs too. Smaller than Jersey Mike's but great for what they are.
And once in awhile the Subway club sub can hit the spot.


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I don't like Subway's subs. They are lousy!!
I agree with you there.
I went in and ordered a club sub once years ago. She asked me what I wanted on my roast beef sub and I told her she made a mistake. She told me I was wrong so adios to that place. :angry:Wimpy subs anyway imo.
My Favorite is Cousins Subs, followed closely by Jimmy John’s. A lot of Cousins closed up around my area.

My Son managed a Jimmy John’s and met the CEO. Said he was a cool guy - pulled in the parking lot at the training center doing doughnuts in his sports car lol. My Son received a Rolex for his sales numbers before he moved on. Cousins club sub with hot pep is hard to beat!


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I used to like a place in Detroit called Tubbys. Miami Subs in florida was also good. Other than those, they are all crap
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WeIl, as I've said before, there are independent, Mom and Pop pizza and sub shops on every corner in my area. Not many chains. We have Subways, but I've never ordered a sub from them.

The BEST subs are in an Italian grocer/deli in the next town over, Bob's Market. I always get the imported Italian on a braided roll.

Bob's Italian.jpg

The next best sub is in my town at Dom's Sausage.

Dom's Italian.jpg

In both stores, they have lots of important ingredients, without filling up the sandwich with lettuce.

Both stores have incredible steak, lamb, turkey tip subs, as well as the usual sub subjects.


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My son, Matt, and his bosses opened a sandwich shop in Park City called The Big Dipper. I’ve only had one sandwich, which was good. The sandwiches he shows on Instagram look fantastic. In the upstairs is the bar called The Star Bar. You can drink in the bar, order a sandwich, and they bring it up to you.

With that said I prefer to buy a sandwich at the Safeway deli counter.