What's on the menu Sunday, May 9, to Saturday, May 15?


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I had half a banana this morning. Stomach not doing good. I got sick, so I haven't eaten anything all day. Just thinking about food makes my stomach hurt and queasy. :(
Feel better peeps. I had the same for breakfast. Tizzy Tummy here too.....

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Peeps and Jimmy, I sure hope you both are feeling better today.

I have no idea what I'm having for dinner.
So many options, got today off and don't feel like cooking.
Not in the mood to, I should say.


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Friday is Seafood night !
Seared Scallops and White Rice under a Bechamel & Cheddar Sauce, and A Vegetable Medley ...

Scallops under Cheddar sauce.JPG


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Looks great Lucky! Maybe we got a virus here at NCT lol.

chicken breast on whole wheat sandwich with a salad tonight. I must start eating better, but it’s hard when you’re a foodie! The last 14 months have not treated me nicely in the waist region...

I hope everybody feels better ASAP. :)


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Weight watchers Pasta Alfredo. Angel food cake for dessert.