What's on the menu Sunday, May 9, to Saturday, May 15?


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Cracker Barrel take out Chicken Dinners. Tons of food.
Sons birthday was celebrated today.
We have Cannoli and Lobster Claws from Mikes Pastries' From the North End of Boston Mass.
They are our sons favorite. We all love them....... No one comes close to how good they are.

Johnny West

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This hit the spot... the salmon was well done but still juicy. The Swiss chard came from my DIL’s garden and was steamed wit garlic, red pepper and olive oil.


Sass Muffin

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I had leftover pasta for my work lunch, then met a friend for a late for me supper at a sports bar/grill.
I got a BLT wrap which was rather large. Lol
No idea what dinner will be tonight.
I may get around to making a chicken stir fry.