What's on the menu Sunday, May 9, to Saturday, May 15?

Sass Muffin

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We are supposed to be going to a restaurant known as The Barn.
My youngest son is in South Carolina with his fiancee and my oldest is at home not feeling well from his 2nd covid vax.
So, probably nothing special.
They treat me lovely all year long.
I might just heat up something lol


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DD says she wants to order something for dinner. I have no clue what I want or what she will order. DD #2 and I are getting our 2nd VAX shots today. So no clue what or when dinner will be.


Still trying to get it right.
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DD #2 and I had take-out Chili's for lunch. We shared guacamole, salsa and chips. I got ribs, corn on the cob and rice (I shared the ribs with the kitties).

Still not sure what dinner will be. DD #1 never told me. But it will probably be after DD #2, and I get our shots.
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Johnny West

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We had Caesar salad, lasagna, and chocolate chip cookies.