What's on the menu Sunday, 7/25/2021 to Saturday, 7/31/2021?


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Sunday dinner will be two different proteins - DD's are having salmon filet (DD wants to do a brown sugar glaze), hub and I will have eye round roast with burgundy gravy. The sides will be the same for both - baby spinach and baked potato. Maybe corn on the cob or yorkshire pudding also.


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Yesterday was a perfect summer day to smoke a 7 lb. pork butt for pulled pork sandwiches!

Man, I have a ton to give to neighbors!





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Today is Peter’s birthday. After a long morning of canning tuna we decided to order takeaway from Karma, our local Indian restaurant rather than cook. I had the coconut shrimp curry #3 hot and was not disappointed. With all the family goings on I neglected to get a picture.
Food sounds good. I don't know who Peter is, but Tina and I wish him a happy birthday.
Hope it was a fun filled celebration.