What would you do for a NCT Apron?


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It'll cost you two aprons, but, how about a pix of Bucky and me on either side of the lion in front of the NYPL, with the lion wearing the apron?

Bucky willing, of course.

i'd be honoured, andy!!!

hey, i could get us on the letterman set for a pic with the apron when the studio is dark.


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i'd be honoured, andy!!!

hey, i could get us on the letterman set for a pic with the apron when the studio is dark.

Oh, OH! I vote for that one! I'll eat that damn canned burger just to see you guys do that!!


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i'll give tigs 2 'ya, doc, 4 a few. then i'd get emotional & request his retrurn. he-he. j/k.......
there ain't many foods i'll refuse; so innards, potted meat, a-slice-o-spam, vienna sausages, raw seafood, undercooked egg, cheeses many would avoid, infant purees, rot-gut alcohol, them get discluded 4 me~
i know!~ i'll ingest discounted spreadable 'margarine', as that's uckier than margarine itself. i shuddered typing that!


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:yum: That does indeed sound brave Keltin. :D

This contest is not like others, in that you can enter as many times as you like. You can one up each other if you want. If someone says they will flip a coin 50 times for an apron you could 1 up them by saying you'd flip a coin 100 times. etc.
Wouldn't that be 50 upped?:whistling:


I'd eat a Klondike bar! Maybe two!
(and am amazed no one's offered yet..)
;) ;) ;)


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Ok, I did it!


Anyone else? Come on guys!! :biggrin:

They still play that commercial here. Just heard it the other day! :lol:

Hmmmm....ok, I'm in. I'd eat a canned cheeseburger. That's right, a cheeseburger in a can! Granted, that's if I can get my friend in Germany to grab a couple and send them to me. They only sell these in Germany, so it really hinges on whether he can do it (not sure how food stuff going through customs works). I'll ask him.



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I think they are saving up their best ones until close to the end of the contest, but please, don't forget to get your entry in.