What kind of drinks can help you relieve the summer heat?

Milo Masson

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Summering is coming soon. Do you want to make a cup of drinks by yourself to cool your summer? So, I would like to share some experiences. Most of the time we may choose a cup of hot tea in the winner, while we don’t like to drink tea at summer. Maybe you will enjoy tea at summer. Iced oolong tea is a refreshing, semi-sweet drink that is very easy to make. While black tea is often preferred for iced tea, you might find that oolong tea is a better choice.
What You'll Need: 1 heaping teaspoon oolong leaves;1 cup near-boiling water; 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon honey; Ice (approximately 1 cup)
How to Make It: First,Pour the bubbling water over the tea leaves.Second, Steep for 4-6 minutes and then remove the tea leaves. Third, Add the honey and stir. Finally, Pour the tea over ice.
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Century Foods

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Love your recipe! I am definitely going to try this tea!
I would also like to share some drinks that are perfect for beating the summer heat and are well-loved by the people around my town.
The 1st one is Aam Panna (Mango Smoothie):
A popular choice is a tasty and lip-smacking smoothie created from mango. Mango pulp is combined with cumin and jeera and topped with mint leaves to make this pleasant summer drink. Even on hot days, this delicious drink will keep you energized and refreshed.
The next one is a simple glass of coconut water:
A glass of chilled coconut water will quickly lift your spirits. Its gentle sweetness and refreshing flavor make it an excellent drink for warding off the summer blues. It also acts as an electrolyte, preventing dehydration.