What have you eaten Sunday 12/8/2019 to Saturday 12/14/2019?


Still trying to get it right.
Up early. So I'm going food shopping before the store gets crazy. I love going out early on a weekend morning. It's so peaceful.

Not sure what dinner will be. Hope I get inspiration at the store. LOL


Still trying to get it right.
I picked up a rotisserie chicken, Thumann's potato salad, stuffed grape leaves, feta cheese cubes for brunch for hub and DD. I had chicken and a can of vegetable beef soup for brunch.

Dinner will probably be grilled skirt steak and asparagus for DD#2 and I. Tacos for DD#1 and hub.


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Meatballs in tomato sauce cooking. I'll have the leftover eggplant rollatini.
The others will have vegetable spaghetti.


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Rack of lamb (on sale for $9.99/lb!).



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never froze salmon. big hunk cut off the tail to wrap the scallops. sigh, just a tad short . . . baby reds&corn


Still trying to get it right.
Dinner was early - stove top grill pan skirt steak. I had vegetable beef soup later.
Dinner tonight will probably be steak, mashed Yukons and steamed spinach.

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I got my meatballs done.
Right now, they're simmering in brown gravy.
Later I'll pan fry some pierogies and add that all back in the pan.
Steam some asparagus and be good to go.


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Cream of broccoli soup with crackers, and a slice of Digiorno cheese and pepperoni pizza that DD baked in the oven.