What are you eating Sunday, April 9, to Saturday, April 15 2023?


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Taco dip, cheesy potatoes/funeral potatoes and Boars Head ham.



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Ramen noodle bowl.

Purchased beef broth cut with a little water, threw in some chunks of garlic and ginger, some star anise, and 1 whole clove. Boiled that for a while, then let it steep. Reheated to serve.

Ramen noodles boiled in salted water, then a few drops of sesame oil.

Sautéed shiitaki mushroom slices.

Roasted red bell slices.

Steamed baby bok choy.

Bean sprouts salad, boiled sprouts in salted water, drained, some microplaned garlic, toasted sesame seeds, sliced green onion, and a little sesame oil.

From the freezer, Asian cured and partially cooked pork belly, sliced, fried and crisped up.

One of the best Ramen bowls we've had in a long time.


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It wasn't the holiday Good Friday/Easters I had planned, but it was good. Had to scale back and use the lamb I bought on sale and put in the freezer a few weeks ago.
This was Easter dinner.
Roasted butterflied leg of lamb, steamed brussels sprouts, mashed yellow potatoes, and lemon and garlic pan-gravy.


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I'm wanting to grill chicken when this rain lets up. I’ll have to google the recipe.
There are two actually that he has done.
One is on Facebook this is the one I'll be following but will be like a combination of both.



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Oooooooooh pretty! What’s in it?

Here you go, RM! I keep saying that I'm going to make one of these.