What are you eating Sunday 9/24/2023 to Saturday 9/30/2023?

Sass Muffin

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I ended up going to Chief Supermarket and bought a deli croissant chicken salad sandwich.
Ballreichs smoked cheddar and onion potato chips on the side.



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They were good, but I shouldn't have had them given I'm supposed to be doing keto part time.
Well, less than part time.
I've lost 14 lbs so I'm just eating basically whatever I want to now.
Sass doesn't like being skinny.

Have you been hungry during the 14 pound weight loss?


Sass Muffin

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I sure don't recall Stouffer's meat lovers lasagna being spicy, but this is.
Must be one of the meats. 🤔
Didn't make garlic bread, because I'm having peanut butter brownie ice cream later 😁🐖

As you can see, the meat filling followed behind on one end - during plating lol