What are you eating > Sunday 6/26/2022 to Saturday 7/2/2022?


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I took yesterday’s leftovers and put that in a 9x13 with shredded mozzarella and oregano on top and into the oven.


Johnny West

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I’m going to grill chicken breasts but not sure of sides. I’ll have some leftover macaroni salad but she is tired of it. I’ll chill a bottle of bubbly.
I’m going to roast onions and egg plant literally on the coals for her to make ember roasted baba ghanoush using a recipe from a chef at Food and Wine. It’s to hit 91°F about the time I’m to be grilling. I’ll be making G&T’s for sure.

Johnny West

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I grilled chicken breasts over the coals with cherry for smoke.
The breasts were dusted wit harissa rub from Whole Foods.
The rub was fairly mild and may add some cayenne next time.
I missed not having skin on the breasts but WinCo didn’t have
any. I would have been better off buying a whole chicken. She
made cornbread dressing - some gravy would have been nice.

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