What are you eating > Sunday 5/1/2022 to Saturday 5/7/2022?


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Sous vide strip steaks tonight I’m told.


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I ate early.
Even got the chance to talk to a former NCT member/friend on Facebook.
Anyway.. I wanted fried cabbage with the brats and pierogies.. forgot to buy a head of cabbage yesterday so used some of the coleslaw (added celery seed) I bought for making fish tacos later in the week.
Very good.


Sass Muffin

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Hope you all feel better soon, Jimmy. 😊

I think today I'm going to have a mini quiche I bought from the deli, with pickled beets and egg.
My leftovers are for work lunch on Wednesday.


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I made one quart of creamy broccoli cheddar soup and one quart of chicken soup (plus brown rice to serve under the chicken soup) for dinner tonight. Plus we had bologna and American on a kaiser roll (I had a quarter of a sandwich).




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I spent a little 36-hour vacation in Boston with a friend. For eats, we had a couple of lackluster breakfasts, but the culinary highlight was the order of cheeseburger sliders and onion ring stack at one of our favorite haunts called The 21st Amendment. We get and split this often and it never disappoints! Fantastic!


9 Sliders, 21st Amendment.JPG