What are you eating Sunday, 10/25, to Saturday, 10/31/20?

Sass Muffin

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This is very good.
I went crazy with the dill.


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Dinner tonight was crab stuffed shrimp and mushrooms, with puff pastry bites of spicy cranberry relish and brie. Dessert will be pain au chocolat. Stole the idea for the puff bites from Silver Sage, but I added some ghost pepper chile powder to the cranberry relish I made.

P.s., I made yeasted puff pastry yesterday and today, so we have croissants, breakfast ham and cheese turnovers, and pain au chocolat.
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No clue! ..... maybe leftover stuffed pepper? filet steak? pancakes? My new diabetic pills are working great.
Old ones ( Metformin ) were recalled. New one is Prandin 1 MG.
94 fasting and 129 after 2 hr eating a large meal.
I am gauging what I eat, by my good numbers; which Tina says is bad!.....
I feel better, and have a better appetite. I could go for some macaroni of some sort.
You should see the dagger eyes I get from DD and Tina as I eat. Huh! I get treated and looked at, as if I were a freak in the circus.