What are you eating Sunday, 10/11/2020 to Saturday, 10/17/2020?


Still trying to get it right.
It will probably be corned beef. I have a half of cabbage that's looking old. So maybe I'll make cabbage and a couple potatoes (or coleslaw, TBDL). I have onion rye. So we can choose to have corned beef, cabbage/potatoes (or coleslaw) and/or a sandwich.


Master Baker
I smoked a 8 # butt last night with cherry wood, so copycat KFC coleslaw and pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. The butt is still resting.



Still trying to get it right.
Corned beef is almost done. I think I'll try to salvage what I can of the cabbage and make slaw. Corned beef on onion rye sandwich for me. I am just about out of steam today. Haven't been sleeping well.


Grill Master
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We had chicken and blue corn pozole, and I made a big pot so that will also be on menu for next week. It had a dried chile sauce on the side that you added to your liking, and boy was it spicy! No pic because my phone died right after I snapped and it didn't save, so next week. I was a bit disappointed that the dried blue corn kernels lost most of their color as they cooked, though you could still get the definite blue corn taste.
I love chicken posole, better than pork! I bet the blue corn was pretty!