What are you eating Sunday 1/16/2022 to Saturday 1/22/2022

Sass Muffin

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Super busy day here.
Another meeting at work because we're in the window for state inspection 😖😱
Got my taxes done yessss!
Managed to make dinner and was starving as I'd only had a banana.

Meatballs (homemade) in Bertolli sauce, rice and Green Giant grilled zucchini.
I've got enough left for my dinner tomorrow.


Johnny West

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The shortages I've noticed are bulk ground sausage, cream cheese and frozen vegs. 🤷‍♀️
I went to Walmart today for shotgun shells and hotdog buns. There was a lot of shelves empty. I needed distilled water and there was only six jugs left. I took two and saved the others for someone else.

I got the vegetarian chili made and also made a West Virginia style hot dog sauce with a Bloody Mary twist. There are some Bloody Mary Chili recipes going around Facebook so made my own version. I may have made it a tad hot. I’m afraid to try it till suppertime.



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Dinner will be chicken soup over brown rice. My chicken stock is simmering (vegetables, rotisserie chicken meat, bits, bones, skin and a B/S breast).

Sass Muffin

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I made Martha Stewart's Quick BBQ sauce for the pork steaks, which is sticky delicious. Ketchup, Worcestershire, vinegar, brown sugar and paprika (I used smoked).. canned Glory brand southern style seasoned cabbage which is superb.
And French style green beans, which I haven't had in ages.