Wednesday 4-18-12 What's Cooking?


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blake just made a batch of meatballs, seared 'em, & they're in the sauce simmering now. we're going to the bar, (i'm celebrating a tad tonite!:D, 2 great things went on for me this afternoon) & dinner'll be practically ready except for re-warming the meatballs/sauce & cooking a batch of pasta!


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Congratulations on whatever you're celebrating luvs :thumb:

We had leftover soup tonight.


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Plans, they do have a way of changing. It's going to be stuffed London broil on the grill with Southwest corn and green beans.


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Tina Mommy is bringing me back Pizza from Alfredo's in PA.
Plus...she picked up three boxes of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. She'll do a drop off at son Jims on the way home.
We are all on diets (yeah right!) but NOT when it comes to Krispy Kreme Doghnuts! L O L

DD was over, and she cleaned the house..scrubbed floors, and washed clothes.
Love that Kid of mine!...


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I had dinner out with some friends tonight. Hamburger patty with mustard and extra pickles and house-made potato chips. Great food and company.