Trying some veggies in pots


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Yesterday I couldn't resist buying some(3) banana pepper plants, 2 white eggplant plants, and a red and green bell pepper plants. I wanted regular eggplant plants, but they didn't have them. I'm very curious about the white ones.
Our farmers' market ends in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping to make up for the loss alittle.

Will keep you posted especially on the whites. I'm curious to see if they taste different or the skin is more tender.

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Again.....we got too many things to plant this year. :bangin:

One thing is for sure, I'm only going to plant 2 beefsteak tomatoes and 1 grape tomato plant. However, a few of the veggies we bought will have to live in pots. I'm hoping the peas and a couple others will grow ok.


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Don't peas climb? You'll have to trellis them, no?
My 'husky cherry red' bush tomatoes are just starting to flower in two seperate clusters, finally. I only have one plant and wish I had gotten more.
I haven't bought any other toms, so I'm sure I'll have to make another trip. That will be good though, as this one expires, a new one will begin.
I don't bother with seeds anymore, except for herbs. That's year round.